Titres diffusés sur Radio Neptune le 01/12/2023

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01/12−05h17Oscar Peterson TrioEasy Does ItNight Train
01/12−05h17Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 la nuit 100% jazz
01/12−05h12Dave BrubeckThree to Get ReadyAdventures in Time
01/12−05h06Charles MingusGoodbye Pork Pie HatMingus Ah Um
01/12−05h02Paul MisrakiSlow pour vibraphone et trombone"Le Doulos") [1962]
01/12−05h02Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 le jazz toute la nuit
01/12−04h57Carlos HenriquezMomma LorraineCarlos Henriquez
01/12−04h53Marian McPartlandManhattanOn 52nd Street
01/12−04h53Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 jazz quimper 938
01/12−04h50Tommy FlanaganIsn't It RomanticSolo Piano
01/12−04h45Joe ChambersNever Let Me GoLandscapes
01/12−04h45Radio Neptunejazz a brest 95Radio Neptune
01/12−04h40Wynton KellyPortrait Of JennyWynton Kelly Trio
01/12−04h38Gal CostaCoração VagabundoNehuma Dor
01/12−04h38Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 le jazz la nuit
01/12−04h34Art Pepper'Round MidnightArt Pepper 1954–1962
01/12−04h28Curtis FullerAlong Came BettyBLUES ette Part II
01/12−04h24South VertigoFramarSouth Vertigo
01/12−04h24Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 le jazz sans interruption
01/12−04h21Charlie ByrdThings Ain't What They Used to BeGuitar/Guitar
01/12−04h19Mel TorméHit The Road To Dreamland
01/12−04h19Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 on est bien sur radio neptune
01/12−04h13Miles DavisBlue in Green(feat. John Coltrane
01/12−04h11Rosemary ClooneyBlue MoonThe Buddy Cole
01/12−04h11Radio Neptunele jazz a brestRadio Neptune
01/12−04h06Eddie Higgins TrioMoonlight Becomes YouDear Old Stockholm
01/12−04h03Ella FitzgeraldI'm Putting All My Eggs in One BasketElla Fitzgerald
01/12−04h03Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 les etoiles du jazz
01/12−03h02magazineJM Jazz Radio Neptune
01/12−03h02Les magazines de la nuitEn rediffusionRadio Neptune
01/12−02h03MagazineKaleidoscope 10 novRadio Neptune
01/12−02h03LES MAGAZINES DE LA NUITA partir de 2 heures du matinRadio Neptune
01/12−01h56Laurent De WildeRound MidnightSpoon-a-Rhythm
01/12−01h56Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 jazz jusqu au bout de la nuit
01/12−01h52Sonny StittBlues for YardStudio Sessions
01/12−01h49MaliaI Love You PorgyBlack Orchid
01/12−01h49Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 bercer par le jazz
01/12−01h44Count BasieWhat'cha Talkin'?Count Basie and The Kansas City 7
01/12−01h38Carl BaggeRunmaröVisitor
01/12−01h38Radio NeptuneRadio Neptune quimperRadio Neptune
01/12−01h34Red GarlandMakin' WhoopeeRed Garland
01/12−01h30Eliane EliasYou’re Getting To Be A Habit With MeDance of Time
01/12−01h30Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 toutes les nuits
01/12−01h28Don ByasBlue And SentimentalDon Byas Quartet 1947
01/12−01h22Eric ReedI'll Never Stop Loving YouFrom My Heart
01/12−01h17Jimmy BrunoHow Long Has This Been Going On
01/12−01h17Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 les titres sur radioneptune.fr
01/12−01h11Horace ParlanCome Rain or Come ShineUs Three
01/12−01h08Art FarmerI Remember Clifford1958-1961
01/12−01h08Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 _jazz de nuit
01/12−01h04Joe MooneyThat's AllLush Life
01/12−01h00Gene HarrisIt Never Entered My MindAt Last
01/12−01h00Radio Neptunele jazz a quimperRadio Neptune
01/12−00h57Roy EldridgeEaster ParadeRoy Eldridge 1950-1951
01/12−00h49Houston PersonI'll Let You KnowVery Personal
01/12−00h49Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 le son du jazz
01/12−00h43Sonny RollinsMy ReverieSonny Rollins
01/12−00h38Bill EvansI Should CareThe Complete Bill Evans on Verve
01/12−00h34Bill CharlipI Was Telling Her About YouBC
01/12−00h34Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 la radio du jazz dans le finistere
01/12−00h29Sidney BechetSt. Louis BluesSidney Bechet's Blue Note Jazzmen
01/12−00h24George BurtonThird PrayerRec·i·proc·i·ty
01/12−00h24Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 la nuit au rythme du jazz
01/12−00h21Claude BollingCount on HimA Tribute To The Jazz Greats
01/12−00h15Ben WebsterTangerineThree Classic Albums Plus
01/12−00h15Radio Neptunejazz a brest 95Radio Neptune
01/12−00h10Jimmy HeathMona's MoodJimmy Heath
01/12−00h07Sonny CrissMemories of YouThe Complete Imperial Sessions
01/12−00h07Radio NeptuneJING NUIT 2023 le jazz ne dort jamais
01/12−00h01Nick FinzerThe Weather ManThe Weather Man